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Investors – Grow your portfolio with managers who understand your needs.


“Having participated in this market for the past 17 years, I believe rental property to be one of the most compelling investments available.”

– Cliff Hall, Founder, APM Realty Group


The Strategy

…Acquire distressed and foreclosed homes with the intent to rent them out for several years, and sell them as the housing market demands, or hold them to develop streams of income during retirement.

The Key

…A strong local property manager who can create a management structure for your portfolio based on industry standard principles, but tailored to your specific needs by:

Filling Vacancies Faster

Maximize revenue with automated rent match comparison technology.
Effective marketing of vacancies with web-wide syndication.
Process online applications, submitted via mobile device.

Reducing the Risk

Enhanced national credit and criminal background check.
Requirements that attract the highest quality candidates.
Proprietary insurance program for tenant-related accidental damage.

Increasing Retention

Friendly and professional responses to all tenant inquiries.
Adherence to standardized procedures for move-ins and move-outs.
Create a positive environment with open communication.

Eliminating Worry

In-House maintenance coordination with online reporting.
Impress the importance of H.O.A. and code compliance.
Expedite notices of late payments.
Handle legal notices tenants in breach of agreement.

Improving Payments and Statements

24/7 access to your property financials in once place.
Direct deposit payments to your preferred account.
Collecting rent payments, and receiving service requests online.

Transitioning to Sale

Communicate the best, possible scenario for maximizing return on the investment.
Actively market the property to minimize vacancy period.
Provide exemplary contract negotiations and closing of sale service.

Our experienced Property Managers will assess your needs and advise the optimal way to maximize your investment returns, and expand your portfolio.