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When Eviction Is Your Only Option

The challenging piece of property management is knowing when eviction is your best option. Most people who rent their home will suffer a minor set back in life, whether it’s employment or medically related. Flexibility is key when working with tenants who are positioned to catch-up on owed rent.

In the Midlands of South Carolina, specifically Lexington and Richland County, we have similar procedures related to the ejectment of a tenant. Most judges will grant the tenant an opportunity to establish a six to eight week payment plan. This plan is thereby approved by the Magistrate, and allows for an ejectment, should the tenant fail to satisfy each scheduled payment.

Your property, and your revenue is important. You shouldn’t be negatively impacted by a tenant who is suffering from a case of laziness. But you should be open minded to one who has the desire to catch-up and willingly satisfy the terms of their lease after an unexpected set back.

When choosing a property manager to maximize your assets, be sure to discuss their in-house protocol for handling evictions. If you don’t get a sense that they will operate in timely fashion, or if they don’t understand the laws, make a call to APM Realty Group. We’ve been there.

Richland County Magistrate

Lexington County Magistrate


Posted by: apmrealtygroup on February 2, 2017
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